Start your tax or business consulting career in just 6-months with our fast-paced, intensive career training.

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We are excited that you are considering The Taxley Academy for your higher education and career training!  Our program is 100% online, instructor-led and we guarantee your satisfaction. 

Our motto: Rise High, Because You Can, speaks to our confidence in knowing that if you choose to focus on becoming successful on your own terms, nothing can stop how high you rise. Our programs prepare you for careers in tax law and business consulting that:

  • give you the freedom to work when and from where you want;
  • allow you to make an incredible impact on those you were meant to serve;
  • give you the freedom to earn enough money to enjoy life on your terms; and
  • allow you the flexibility to prioritize your family and personal values. 

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We’re happy to help you make the best decision that aligns with your goals and values.

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High school graduation around the corner? Done with college and want to take your education and skill set a step further? The Academy is open to students 18 and up (exceptions available) – bring your ambition and we’ll provide the rest!


Tired of having to look for new employment when your spouse gets PCS orders? Ready for a stable career with flexibility? We make it possible to start and build your career in business or tax law from your laptop.


Ready for something new? Need flexibility and good pay? Whether you are a veteran, transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom or you’re ready to change course in your corporate career, start your career change with us – it’ll be worth the effort!

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All Program Tracks Include:

100% Online Access
All of our programs are held 100% online and include interactive elements that make learning interesting, convenient and flexible, no matter where you are in the world.

Expert Trainings
Our uniquely designed, fluff-free and interactive programs are led by Anisha Bailey – a tax, financial and business expert who has spent over a decade working with individuals and businesses nationwide.

Live Online Sessions
Students have access to live, weekly instructor-led sessions, with the opportunity to ask questions, get guidance and dive deeper into our weekly topics, which is great for students who like the classroom feel.

Interactive Elements
Getting the most out of the Academy means having hands-on experiences, working through real cases and scenarios; therefore, we enhance learning and retention by adding interactive and collaboration-based learning elements.

Work Opportunities
Throughout the program students will have the option to implement their training in the real-world with internship and employment opportunities at Taxley and with our growing number of business partners.

On-going Support
As an alumni, you will have the opportunity to continue to engage with the Academy community and attend client guidance sessions, which are designed to help you think through how to use what you’ve learned to successfully navigate client work.

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