“With IRS enforcement expected to skyrocket and 10’s of millions expected to be affected, what do you do when there aren’t enough trained tax resolution specialists? You get trained!”

-Anisha Bailey, EA | CEO, Taxley

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Taxley Defense: Specialize in tax problem resolution

With millions of families and businesses facing problems with the IRS and state tax authorities, we’ve seen the devastating effects of tax liens, wage and bank levies and even business closures.

Taxpayers have a legal right to representation and they deserve help from professionals who lead with integrity, will think outside the box and always prioritize their best interest.

Designed for EAs, CPAs and attorneys, and with a strong focus on ethics and integrity, our Taxley Defense program is focused on teaching you the art and science of corporate and personal IRS and state tax problem resolution. This program is about HOW to do the work of advocating for taxpayers in a way that leads to higher profits and a client base who is eager to refer.

Now’s the time to take your career to the next level – learn how to specialize in representing clients with tax problems.



Prerequisites: Taxley Essentials program or current Enrolled Agents, CPAs or attorneys in good standing

June: Introduction to Tax Resolution, Practice and Procedures

Becoming a tax professional, preparing returns, giving tax advice and representing taxpayers before the IRS is a huge responsibility, one that shouldn't be taken lightly.

In this section you will be introduced to the world of tax problem resolution, including the procedural and ethical boundaries governing practice before the IRS.

This section will cover:

  • What it means to represent a taxpayer before the IRS

  • Who can and who cannot represent taxpayers before the IRS

  • IRS authorization forms and how to properly complete them

  • Ethics for tax professionals

  • IRS resources and taxpayer rights

July-August: IRS Examination and Collection Procedures

In this section we will introduce you to the IRS collections and examination departments with the goal of helping you navigate the each, in order to maximize your effectiveness for your clients, thus increasing your value as a professional. 

This section will cover:

  • Introduction to IRS collection and examination departments

  • Non-filer compliance and SFRs

  • IRS Enforcement: Navigating liens, levies, seizures and passport revocations

  • Communicating with the IRS and state tax authorities

  • Tax transcripts and IRS notices

  • Preparing for an IRS audit

  • Collections representation and IRS limitations

  • Freedom of Information Act

  • The lingo: Understanding tax representation terminology

  • Collections and examinations appeals

  • Overview to criminal investigations and tax court

August-September: Personal Finance and Tax Resolution

In this section we will dive into personal tax resolution, as well as personal financial management, which will help you develop thoughtful resolution strategies that meets the needs of your clients, within the boundaries of the law. 

This section will cover:

  • Origins of personal tax problems

  • Innocent and Injured Spouse Relief

  • IRS Fresh Start Initiative

  • Tax debt repayment strategies

  • Personal OIC considerations and disclosures

  • Bankruptcy considerations and disclosures

  • Collection Appeals

  • Personal financial analysis for strategic tax debt negotiations

  • Tax Audit Reconsideration

  • Personal budgeting and estimated tax analysis

  • Helping families think beyond the resolution

October-November: Business Accounting and Tax Resolution

In this section we will dive into business tax resolution and introduce you to accounting and financial management for businesses and entrepreneurs.  The goal is to help you recognize the common problems among businesses tax problems so you can help taxpayers navigate a sustainable solution.

This section will cover:

  • Origins of business tax problems

  • Trust Fund Recovery Implications

  • Introduction to business accounting concepts

  • Business tax debt repayment strategies

  • Business OIC considerations and disclosures

  • Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs

  • Estimated tax analysis for entrepreneurs

  • Tax audit considerations for businesses

  • Corporate tax responsibilities and red flags

  • Helping businesses plan for post resolution compliance

November-December: Practice Management

Whether you are the owner or a team member, your role in helping to build a sustainable resolution firm, or department, can prove vital for the long-term success of your company, no matter how large or small. In this section you will learn how to develop and implement processes and procedures that allow your tax practice to thrive.

This section will cover:

  • Modern marketing strategies to eliminate "competition"

  • On-boarding clients

  • The power of communication and timeliness

  • Establishing systems and processes for smooth and efficient workflows

  • Safeguarding taxpayer information

  • Service agreements, billing options and ethics

  • Building your team

This Program Includes:

100% Online Access

All of our programs are held 100% online and include interactive elements that make learning interesting, convenient and flexible, no matter where you are in the world.

Expert Trainings

Our uniquely designed, fluff-free and interactive programs are taught by tax, financial and business industry experts who have spent over a decade working with individuals and businesses nationwide.

Live Online Sessions

Students have access to live, weekly instructor-led sessions, with the opportunity to ask questions, get guidance and dive deeper into our weekly topics, which is great for students who like the classroom feel.

Interactive Elements

Getting the most out of the Academy means having hands-on experiences, working through real cases and scenarios; therefore, we enhance learning and retention by adding interactive and collaboration-based learning elements.

Work Opportunities

Before and after completing the program, students will have the option to implement their training in the real-world with internship and employment opportunities at Taxley and with our growing number of business partners.

On-going Support

As an alumni, you’ll have the opportunity to join our alumni program and attend our “real-world” meetings, which are designed to help you think through how to use what you’ve learned to do your job successfully. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Enrolled Agents, CPAs and attorneys have unlimited authority to represent client at all levels of the IRS, from customer service to appeals.  If a client's tax problem can't be resolved in appeals they can go to tax court, where you will need to be an attorney to practice law before the court, unless you pass a special non-attorney exam.

Tuition Includes:

  • Welcome Packet
  • Academy designed curriculum, workbooks and templates
  • Taxley certificate of completion

Tuition DOES NOT Include:

  • Government related registration fees

*While we don’t anticipate your needing to make any additional purchases to complete this program, we will notify you at least 30-days in advance if any third-party materials (e.g. books) are recommended to be purchased separately.

To become a tax resolution specialist, representing taxpayers before the IRS you must:

  • Be an EA, CPA or attorney, or meet other qualifications to practice before the IRS
  • You must be in good standing with the IRS, or state governing agency

PLEASE NOTE: Generally, only EAs, CPAs and attorneys can represent clients before the IRS, if you do not already have one of these designations, our Taxley Essentials course may be the perfect solution for you.  Otherwise, taking this course with the goal of working as a highly valuable support staff to a licensed/certified professional (similar to a paralegal), is a great opportunity as well.

Included in your tuition is up to 6 months of access to the Taxley Defense program.  If you'd like to continue on as a Taxley Alumni member, you'll can have indefinite access to this program and career support for only $99/mo.

This program is NOT a quick boot camp or 3-day seminar in tax resolution. We dive deep into our lessons to ensure you can serve taxpayers thoroughly and effectively, as we provide continuous support throughout the program, which also carries over to our Alumni.

Our program is project-based, which allows you to work on "real-world" cases, developing your capabilities to execute effectively upon completion of the program.

Our content is continuously updated and everything you’ll learn in this program will be relevant and immediately applicable to your work. While we certainly cover marketing, it is primarily from the aspect of helping you build a trustworthy reputation that results in many happy clients year after year.

Absolutely!  Despite many from the general public having never heard of the designation, for those who have, including the IRS, the designation is well respected.

Enrolled Agents are the only tax professionals who have to prove their competency in tax matters to obtain and maintain their license to practice before the IRS. This goes a long way with representing clients and seeking employment.

Our program is fast-paced and intensive.  You will learn a ton in just 6-months, therefore we recommend preparing to dedicate at least 10 hours per week to this program. This will allow you to absorb the lessons, complete the projects and collaborate with your cohort.

We work to build relationships with employers of all sizes, and from around the country, to ensure our students are top of mind when tax consultants are needed. Throughout the program we will keep an eye out for job postings and share as we see fit.

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