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Designed for Enrolled Agents, CPAs and attorneys, you will learn the art and science of corporate and personal IRS tax problem resolution. Now you can earn more money as you make an incredible impact on the lives of those you were meant to serve. 

This program provides a uniquely comprehensive and integrity-centric 6-month education in tax problem resolution. We focus on a range of topics, from understanding tax resolution law and procedures, to on-boarding clients and strategizing smart, client-focused resolutions, to building a career with virtually no competition.

Through this program you will be prepared to:

  • Represent Clients Before the IRS and State Tax Authorities

  • Prepare and Assess Financial Disclosures

  • Strategize Thoughtful Resolutions for Taxpayers

  • Provide Financial Guidance to Entrepreneurs

  • Guide Families Towards Financial Freedom

  • On-board Clients and Navigate a Seamless Workflow

  • Successfully Market Your Skill-sets to Clients and Employers

Generally, only EAs, CPAs and attorneys can represent clients before the IRS, if you do not already have one of these designations, our Taxley Blueprint course may be a perfect solution for you.  Otherwise, taking this course with the goal of working as a highly valuable support staff to a licensed/certified professional (similar to a paralegal), is a great opportunity as well.

Curriculum Includes:

Designed to give you a thorough introduction into IRS representation, you’ll learn about the IRS collections and examinations departments, compliance requirements, how to effectively communicate with the tax authorities, and how to establish yourself a taxpayer representative. You’ll also get a peek into IRS criminal investigations.

Working with the IRS to advocate on behalf of taxpayers is the most important aspect of becoming an Enrolled Agent. Through this course you’ll learn the rules and procedures as it relates to representing taxpayers before the IRS and the ethical boundaries governing tax professionals.

Designed to give you an overview of IRS audit procedures, this module will help you understand why people are audited and how to minimize your client’s risks, IRS audit procedures and considerations, and how to successfully defend clients who are facing an audit.

Learn about the IRS’s fresh start initiative and the different tax debt relief strategies available to taxpayers. During this course you’ll learn about liens and levies, and how to get them removed, as well as how to properly assess and disclose the financial status of your clients. We will also walk through the opportunities for Innocent and Injured Spouse Relief, what to do for Non-filers and Audit reconsiderations.

Learn the how to handle the common problems businesses of all sizes face with payroll tax compliance, trust fund penalties, corporate filing compliance and more.

Focused on helping you work with clients and the IRS, you’ll learn to hold productive client consultations, and establish workflows, processes and procedures that make time and client management a breeze – from start to finish. You’ll also learn how to request penalty abatements, know when bankruptcy is an appropriate option and you will learn the rules for appealing IRS decisions.

Through this course you will learn the ethical boundaries that govern Enrolled Agents. We will expand upon our previous review of ethics in tax law to ensure you are able to establish and maintain a good reputation in your community, while remaining in good standing with the IRS.

Learn about personal financial management with a focus on helping taxpayers better organize, budget and eliminate debt as you help them plan for tax savings going forward. Learning to understand your client’s financial habits and goals enhances your value as a tax consultant.

Get a high level overview of entrepreneurship. You’ll learn about profit clarity, establishing boundaries in your business, setting up systems and workflows, managing business finances, marketing and leadership development.

Many entrepreneurs are not well versed in proper financial record keeping, which leads to their inability to take full advantage of tax breaks. In this module you’ll learn about financial statements and bookkeeping systems, as you learn how to recognize areas of opportunities for clients to minimize their tax exposure.

Additional Program Features:

100% Online Access
All of our programs are held 100% online and include interactive elements that make learning interesting, convenient and flexible, no matter where you are in the world.

Expert Trainings
Our uniquely designed, fluff-free and interactive programs are taught by Anisha Bailey, who, since 2008, has helped individuals and entrepreneurs fix tax, financial and business problems.

Client Case Support
Get help navigating your cases from the initial consultation to the final resolution to ensure you are serving your client’s best interest as you enhance your tax resolution expertise.

Live Q & A
Ask questions, get help when you’re feeling stuck and get more insight on our weekly topics during the deep-dive group Q & A sessions we hold each week.

Workbooks + Templates
Navigate your programs with our workbooks, templates, and the tools and resources we use, personally and professionally, to stay organized, communicate more effectively and see results.

Business Building Tools
From building your email list to mindful networking to engaging on social media, you’ll learn how to create a competition-free environment as you connect with your most ideal clients or employment opportunity.

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