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Launch Pad: Become a savvy business consultant

Entrepreneurship is on the rise and business owners need help. Every year, over 600,000 dreams turn into businesses, and statistics show that over half of them will fail within their first five years. But this doesn’t have to be.

YOU are the answer.

Our business program equips aspiring business consultants with the knowledge and critical thinking skills that can help turn dreams into economic engines of success.

This fast-paced, comprehensive education and real-world training in entrepreneurship navigates aspiring business consultants through the fundamentals all entrepreneurs must implement if longevity in business and personal success is a priority.



Prerequisites: None.

June-July: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Profit Clarity

In this section we will introduce you to the world of small business and entrepreneurship. This in-depth course topic will prepare you to get into the mind of the entrepreneurs and so you can help them develop their dreams into a successful reality.

This section will cover:

  • The 5 entrepreneur mindsets 

  • Business owner considerations

  • Types of business models

  • Creating living business plans
  • Syncing expertise, passions and strengths with business goals to develop a profitable business model

  • The art and science of selling to friends and family

  • How to determine your most ideal client

  • The importance of discovering your client's "Why" and how to do it

August-September: Establishing Boundaries and Streamlining Processes

In this section we will discuss the concept of the "grind" and teach you how to help entrepreneurs avoid burnout by establishing processes within their businesses, and boundaries between their business and personal life, in order to protect the importance of both.

This section will cover:

  • Federal and state business entity types

  • Communication tools

  • Establishing financial boundaries and processes

  • Creating business brands

  • Time management strategies

  • How to create systems to streamline business workflows

  • Tools for efficient business management

September-October: Business and Personal Finance

The one thing that stumps most families and business owners alike, is understanding money, budgeting and how to maximize profits. Entrepreneurship is the #1 way path to financial freedom, generational wealth and self-empowerment. Therefore, when entrepreneurs have an understanding of how to manage their personal and business finances they are far more likely to achieve the success for which they are working so very hard.

This section will cover:

  • Personal budgeting and debt management

  • Funding your business 

  • Business bookkeeping and accounting

  • Tax obligations

  • Setting financial goals

  • Outsourcing financial help

  • Strategies for maximizing profitability

November-December: Modern Marketing and Effective Leadership

Most business owners start with marketing, which can be detrimental to their long-term success. While marketing and sales is the lifeblood of all businesses, one can only maximize its success rate when incorporating your marketing strategy with other aspects of your business.  Effective leadership can make marketing a bit easier and we'll show you how.

This section will cover:

  • The importance of leading with relationships

  • Tech marketing for non-techie entrepreneurs

  • Email list building

  • Processes for continued communication

  • The power of free
  • Building a culture that oozes brand loyalty

  • Mastering leadership principles to retain top talent and ideal clients

This Program Includes:

100% Online Access

All of our programs are held 100% online and include interactive elements that make learning interesting, convenient and flexible, no matter where you are in the world.

Expert Trainings

Our uniquely designed, fluff-free and interactive programs are taught by tax, financial and business industry experts who have spent over a decade working with individuals and businesses nationwide.

Live Online Sessions

Students have access to live, weekly instructor-led sessions, with the opportunity to ask questions, get guidance and dive deeper into our weekly topics, which is great for students who like the classroom feel.

Interactive Elements

Getting the most out of the Academy means having hands-on experiences, working through real cases and scenarios; therefore, we enhance learning and retention by adding interactive and collaboration-based learning elements.

Work Opportunities

Before and after completing the program, students will have the option to implement their training in the real-world with internship and employment opportunities at Taxley and with our growing number of business partners.

On-going Support

As an alumni, you’ll have the opportunity to join our alumni program and attend our “real-world” meetings, which are designed to help you think through how to use what you’ve learned to do your job successfully. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Ambition, training, experience and getting results is what matters most in business.

Most of what you need to know about entrepreneurship and helping start up thrive will not be taught in a traditional university setting.

Included in tuition:

  • Welcome Packet
  • Academy designed curriculum, workbooks and templates
  • Certificate of completion

*This program may require the additional purchase of books, which can be purchased on Amazon or at local bookstores. Book titles will be detailed in your course syllabus and provided at least 30-days before starting the lesson the requires the book(s).

Self-motivation, an open mind and a collaborative spirit.

This program will take 6 months to complete.  If you'd like to continue on as an alumni member, you'll have access to the program indefinitely for only $99/mo.

Our Launch Pad program is for aspiring business consultants who want to work with entrepreneurs and companies looking to launch, run and grow successful businesses, or department, on a solid foundation.

As you develop your skill-sets, you'll also get a sense of what industries you prefer to work with, which will allow you the benefit of specializing and building an expertise in a niche industry.

If you like working with people, turning ideas into successful realities, and you're willing to push through inevitable obstacles to reach the finish line, then business consulting could be great for you.

True business consultants are strategic thinkers, excellent listeners and methodical in their implementation.  With so much misinformation and incomplete information around entrepreneurship and business in general, the need for trained business professionals is evident.

Trained business consultants can help even the most disadvantaged families and communities develop a sustainable plan for entrepreneurial success.

In our global economy, and with an ability to help launch, run and grow highly profitable businesses from the convenience of a laptop, business consultants have the unlimited opportunities and exceptionally flexible career options.

Our program is fast-paced and intensive.  You will learn a ton in just 6-months, therefore we recommend preparing to dedicate at least 15 hours per week to this program.  This will allow you to absorb the lessons, complete the projects and collaborate with your instructor and cohort.

We work to build relationships with employers of all sizes, and from around the country, to ensure our students are top of mind when business consultants are needed. Throughout the program we will keep an eye out for job postings and share as we see fit.

But keep in mind, you can also use the information you learn here to launch your own consulting firm :o)

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