About Us

We believe in providing opportunities to help you thrive in careers that are flexible, lucrative and highly impactful.

The Taxley Academy, founded in 2019, is a privately held company that leads with transparency and integrity.

As a web-based, vocation-centered program, The Taxley Academy is focused on preparing students for careers in tax law and business consulting. Through these career fields, we aim to position you to be wildly successful in your professional career as you prioritize your personal values.

Whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur, a champion of small businesses or running things at a large firm, starting your career with our program will help you reach your goals easier and with clarity.

If you have an interest in business, accounting, law, finance or entrepreneurship, The Taxley Academy may be a great fit for you!

To provide real-world training and comprehensive education in high-demand careers that are lucrative, flexible and make an incredible impact.
Infuse the workforce with adaptable thinkers and integrity-centric leaders who are bold advocates for those they serve and an inspiration in their communities.


There are points in our lives where we must make the choice to believe in ourselves, bet on ourselves, and know we will win, despite the inevitable obstacles.

When we choose to rise to the highest and chart our own path, simply because we can, we unlock the power to open doors that can lead to amazing opportunities. We want to see you rise high, because we believe you can!

I’d first like to welcome you to The Taxley Academy!

My team and I are honored that you are considering furthering your education and skill-set with our programs.

After leaving my corporate career as a tax consultant with Deloitte and Touche, in 2008, I embarked on a journey to launch and grow Taxley, now a nationally recognized tax resolution firm.

As an Enrolled Agent, a federally licensed tax consultant, with a unique understanding of entrepreneurship, I have committed to advocating for taxpayers nationwide.

Recognizing that my industry presents a ton of opportunity for aspiring professionals, including parents, “people of color” and newly graduated high schoolers seeking alternatives to traditional college, I knew it was time to share my expertise and use my platform to create opportunities for others.

As a result, we created The Taxley Academy with the goal of building a much larger, highly capable workforce of diverse professionals who have the skill-set and confidence to specialize in tax law and/or business consulting.

Whether you are just getting started in your career, looking to make a change, or you want to gain new skill-sets, we’d love to have you!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Taxley Academy is for you if you are:

  • Looking for affordable education that provides the exceptional value you deserve
  • Ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into a career focused on helping to improve the lives and businesses of others
  • In search of a career that provides flexibility and pays very well
  • Ready to start a business or enhance your career
  • An integrity-centered professional who leads with a people over profits mentality
  • Looking for a challenging career that is equally fulfilling

Each program is $7,499 – more details can be found here.

We also offer scholarships and early-bird registration discounts for those who qualify.

Traditionally, a business or accounting degree with no specific skills training can costs be between $50,000 to $100,000 or more. Getting tax resolution training alone can cost between $3,000 to $4,500 for 2-3 days of on-site training, which doesn’t include business development training, which can cost an additional $10,000 or more.

Affordably priced, The Taxley Academy is a serious investment for students and professionals who are truly committed to a career in tax law and/or business consulting.

We are 100% online, so no travel required! Because the Academy is web-based, you are welcome to participate from wherever you are located worldwide.


All weekly office hours and live online sessions will be with Anisha Bailey, EA.

All questions and feedback directly related to program content will be provided by Mrs. Bailey, and from time to time, other industry experts will be available to you as well.

Non-program content related questions, like billing, technical questions, etc. may be handled by other members of our team.

Our complete course offerings can be found here.

But the power of The Taxley Academy™ isn’t just the propriety trainings and insider tips, it’s in the wisdom, experience and confidence you’ll develop from the experience.

In our humble opinion, who you’ll become as a result of becoming a graduate of The Taxley Academy is priceless.

Becoming an IRS CPE provider is only relevant to our Enrolled Agents, as this allows us to offer you continuing professional education (CPE) credits to apply towards annual IRS CPE requirements. We are currently in the process of becoming an approved IRS CE provider. We will keep you up to date on the progress.

The Taxley Academy™ is not for you if you are:

  • Not are disciplined for online learning
  • Not interested in a career in tax law or business development
  • Not willing to adhere to the ethical regulations of the industry
  • Looking for a quick, in and out program that doesn’t require your sincere effort
  • Extremely experienced and feel there’s no more to learn in this field

Throughout the program, we will hold live group class sessions and ask that each of you be open to learning from the guidance we are sharing with the group. We are a completely criticism and judge-free zone. So if you are judgmental, rude or mean-spirited, this program won’t be a good fit for you.

We recognize that learning a new skill is challenging enough, so haters, trolls, complainers and other agitators who demonstrate mean-spirited or dishonest behavior are not welcome — in our community or as participants. That also extends to any practice of ageism, racism, sexism or any other ism that’s born from bigotry and hate.